OPINION: Why Should You Pay For News?

Opinion By: Martin Turner, Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance WA President

Don’t think you should pay for news? Well, those who work in the media don’t think they should pay for the proliferation of free online news either.

They’re paying in lots of ways. Take a look at once thriving newsrooms and you’ll notice something pretty quickly. They’re just not thriving the way they used to. Rather than bustling, noisy workplaces, they are populated by far fewer reporters, photographers and other workers. They’re probably looking a little stressed. They’re doing the work once done by two or three people, including administration, that’s why.

So what, every workplace is now getting by with far fewer staff? Why should media be any different?

Don’t worry, you are getting efficiency from media workers. They love finding news and will do what they must to keep producing it.

But if you want to maintain quality, there needs to be a value placed on the product. News makers tied to their desks can’t get out and sniff out those fantastic stories on the streets.

They can’t spend the time necessary to hold politicians, businessmen and other influential people to account.

And when you’re in trouble (and trust me, some of you will find yourself in some sort of trouble), often the media is the place you come to draw attention to the situation.

There’s every chance they might not even have the opportunity to read your email, take your call.

Media is all about people interacting with other people. Finding interesting information, considering it, making it into news that other people will find useful, informative.

There’s a cost. Maybe it’s a dollar a week. Maybe two. Find some media that interests you. A news service you trust, an investigative reporter with a subscription service or who relies on donations. Invest in news. Then read all about it.


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