Over 50 polar bears move into Russian village causing lockdown

Over 50 polar bears have been forced to move into a Russian village called Ryrkaypiy to look for food, because ice has melted further north “due to the changing climate”, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The local bear patrol spotted 56 bears in an area a kilometre away from the shore, which is an unusually high number.

Local residents have decided to cancel a number of seasonal events out of safety concerns.

WWF Russia’s Arctic biodiversity projects coordinator, Mikhail Stishov, said that the bears would go further north to hunt for seals or walruses if there is enough ice up north.

However because the ice is not thick enough, the bears are staying ashore and can enter the village due to either curiosity or hunger.

“Gathering of polar bears are becoming more frequent, and we have to adapt and find ways to avoid conflicts between people and animals,” said Mr Stishov

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