Palmer emergency legislation“facilitates corruption” if passed: Tincknell

One Nation WA has stated it will not support the McGowan Government’s emergency legislation to head off a potential $30 billion damages claim from Clive Palmer, claiming it “fundamentally undemocratic.”

The party said that the legislation would “set a precedent that facilitated corruption” if it was fully passed in parliament.

The emergency law passed the Legislative Assembly, with the lower house signing off on the legislation on Wednesday night.

However, the complete passage of the legislation on Thursday could face a hurdle after the opposition stated that it examined by a committee.

Leader Colin Tincknell said it took the rights away from individuals.

“Stripped back to its most basic intent, this is a Labor Government bringing in retrospective legislation to remove rights that were granted to an individual through an agreement that was entered into 18 years ago by another Labor Government,” Mr Tincknell said.

“Clive Palmer may be a thoroughly unlikeable individual who in no way represents the best interests of Western Australians, but a former Labor Government signed a legally binding agreement with a group of shelf companies he controlled and handed him the right to the arbitration he is now seeking.

He said that the Liberal Party opposition at the time that the agreement made, stated that it was flawed.

“The Gallop Government was warned that the agreement would essentially allow Clive Palmer to horse trade with the State’s minerals with no regard to who the eventual owner of the resource might be,” Mr Tincknell said.

He believed that China should not be controlling WA’s resources, but the government should not be taking away Mr Palmer’s rights.

“Let’s not forget Premier Mark McGowan is no stranger to corruption,” he said.

“He crafted his political career at the knee of his mentor Brian Burke – arguably the most corrupt politician in the history of the State.”

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