Consumer Protection Commissioner retires after 43 year career

Today was WA Consumer Protection Commissioner David Hilyard’s last day the job.

After a 43 year career in the public service, the commissioner is retiring at the end of his period of leave.

Before Mr. Hilyard took over the role of commissioner, he had a varied career in industry regulation, protecting people in industries as varied as motor vehicle repair, retail, and even the charity sector.

DMIRS Director General David Smith has praised Mr. Hilyard for his exceptional service to the community.

“Throughout his outstanding career, Dave is recognised as an inspirational leader of the community he serves and the staff he manages. He is also a familiar face and voice in the community because of his commitment to using various media outlets, including radio and television interviews, to raise awareness of consumer rights,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Hilyard will be replaced as commissioner by Lanie Chopping, who will hold the position in the interim until a permanent replacement can be found.

Ms. Chopping is a social worker by trade, and first joined Consumer Protection in 2011 as Manager of Retail, Building and Services but was later promoted to director.

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