EXCLUSIVE: One Nation WA Reveals It 2021 New Candidate Line-Up

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One Nation has revealed their other upper house candidates for next year’s State election.

Rod Caddies, Party President, said the stigma against One Nation being far right leaning has dulled, and they’re quite a progressive party in their own sense, just not to the extent that the other parties are.

Representing the East Metropolitan Region is Dale Brillo, bringing her expertise and previous experience as a councillor.

“I really believe you always need three parties for that balance to quiet and decisions made on behalf of the Australian public in the country,” she said.

“I think it’s going to be really good to bring a woman’s voice to one nation and I think that’s always important to have a woman’s view.

And representing the South Metropolitan Region is Sean Butler, who got involved with One Nation during the Banking Royal Commission, and is hoping to make positive contributions within Government and society.

“We are broadly representing the greater public and the thing with one nation, the candidates are genuine people that genuinely want to make Australia a better place,” Mr Butler said.

“There’s been a lot of disillusionment with politics in Australia, but the one nation Canada’s a genuine people generally working people that have stepped up, they realized that they can make a difference and by being between the two parties.”

PHON WA also announced that they will start a young people’s branch called Young Nation.

The creation of a Young Nations group allows young people to be involved and engaged in a more conservative political party, broadening the party’s demographic.

“We’ve wanted to start up something to do with young people for quite a while,” Mr Caddies said.

“Giving young people in wa somewhere to come together and, and feel like they’re part of a group within our party so that you know they don’t have to be joining you know the whole mix of everyone, they can just work out the young side of things first.”

Tyler Walsh, One Nation upper house candidate, is part of the group, and said it’s a great initiative for those with similar political ideas to come together socially and ensure their voice is heard in parliament.

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