Police warn of double demerits over the holiday season.

At 12pm on Friday morning police began enforcing double demerit penalties and by 22 minutes past midnight, the police had already impounded a car.

Six other cars were impounded in the same night, and police now calling on drivers to be aware that accidents can happen to anyone.

Road Safety Commissioner Ian Cameron told reporters that it’s not just people who are speeding or drunk who can end up in accidents.

“Good people who make mistakes are crashing.”

“Three in every four road crashes involve someone who wasn’t speeding and wasn’t drunk, so please don’t think this is about someone else.”

The Commissioner said that 2018 saw WA experiencing the lowest road fatalities since records began.

“159 is the lowest it’s ever been, but that’s still 159 families devastated by road trauma.”

So far this year, there have been 160 road fatalities on WA but police warn that there were 10 fatalities just during the holiday season last year.

WA police State Traffic Commander, Mick Sutherland said that drivers are ultimately responsible for their own safety.

“It’s a privilege to have a licence and not a right.”

Double demerits are in force through to the 5th of January.

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