Police fight crime with youth attitude to technology using new iPhone

WA Police Commissioner says the roll out of iPhone 11 is expected as the younger generation is more in tune with technological change.

The funding allocation from the McGowan Government means that frontline officers will be equipped with iPhone 11s, giving them access to crime reporting and evidence gathering technology at their finger tips.

Following the announcement at Police Headquarters, WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson explained the significance of this technology and what will it mean for the younger generation.

He says the current generation are ‘digital natives’ because they are brought up at a time when technology improves rapidly.

“For me I see the adaptation of modern technology by our younger officers to be normal, in fact they expect it. “I’m really pleased that we are part of that roll out,” Mr Dawson said.

“What it means in the future is that we will have a centralized platform, where you can immediately transmit intelligence and information to help police; one be safer, two to keep the community safe.”

“If they have the right information in their hands literally, they don’t have to go back to the police station or rely on a third party connection. This will insure they do their job safer, quicker, and keep them in the community longer.”

The new application will also provide officers exact location to ensure they will receive adequate assistance when needed.

Commissioner Dawson expects the force will be able to apprehend offenders easier and enhance modern policing in Western Australia.

Apple’s iPhone 11 will hit the frontline in an $8 million contract awarded to Telstra, with nearly 4,000 new mobile devices set to provide officers with faster access to policing information.

60 iPhone 11s have already been issued this week with a further 3,000 to be delivered by Christmas.

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