Puppy farming legislation needed after a man charged for puppy scam.

The Liberals are being called on once again to support the McGowan Government’s puppy farming legislation, following news of a man charged over a Perth puppy scam.

A 32 year old man was charged by police over an alleged puppy scam in Perth’s eastern suburbs, highlighting the need for the legislation.

The laws will help prevent scammers defrauding people of thousands of dollars for dogs and puppies without clarity on their origin or breed, and are due to be debated in the Upper House before the end of the year.

The laws will also stop the cruel practice of puppy farming, where dogs and puppies are kept in inhuman conditions for the purposes of breeding.

Local Government Minister, David Templeman said our laws will ensure that each and every dog and puppy purchased in WA will have a clear path of traceability.

“That means you will be able to trace a dog back to its breeder, you will know who the mother and father are, and you will know whether the dog has been vaccinated, microchipped and so forth,”

“You will also be assured that the dog you are purchasing does not come from a puppy farm,” he said

The laws are currently not supported by the Liberal Party, however have received widespread community support during the consultation process.

“If people want to be sure that the puppy or dog they are purchasing is indeed a labrador, a German shepherd or a poodle, and if they want to know that they have been bred in a humane environment, they need to contact their Upper House member of Parliament and let them know they support this legislation,” Mr Templeman urged.

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