Puppy “Joker” Becomes WA Police Canine’s Star Recruit

Meet Joker, WA Police Canine unit’s newest recruit. At 9 weeks old, he is training to be its newest member.

Traditionally police dogs are German Shepards but Joker is their first Belgian Shepard.

These dogs train very well to be dual purpose dogs as opposed to specialist dogs who are either trained for general duties or as sniffer dogs. 

Police Minister Michelle Roberts praised these dogs as an asset to the police.

“When you see these dogs in action, you can see what a brilliant asset they are. Whether it’s searching a premise for drugs that they can detect so much more quickly,” she said.

She also adds that that in many instances, all it takes is one look at the dogs for offenders to surrender.

In many instances I am told, the offenders will take one look at the dog and decide to hand themselves over. If they don’t do that, the dogs are able to give chase and generally to do so quite successfully,” Mrs Roberts said.

At the same time, Whisky, a dual purpose 5 year old German Shepard will be posted to Kalgroolie starting in December for 2 years.

If you actually have a dog in a town like Kalgoorlie, that is remote from the metro area, that is dual purpose trained, you can use them so much more often to search premises and without doubt he will uncover drugs that will otherwise not be uncovered.” says Minister Roberts.

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