Rap Musician Hopes Inspire Perth Youths On The Message Of Climate Change

By Shibs Wei

Scientific rap artist (as he calls himself), Baba Brinkman is in Perth for a one night only concert as part of the Quantum Words Perth Festival.

Best known for his “Rap Guide” science-based hip hop albums and theatre shows, he will be performing his Rap Guide to Evolution and Rap Guide to Consciousness for Quantum Words Perth.

Growing up in Canada, Brinkman started rapping at the age of 9 or 10 when rap was all the thing kids cared about.

Realising his knack for rhyming and his passion for science could be a way to reach out to youths, Brinkman first garnered widespread media attention for his show “The Rap Canterbury Tales” where he re-told Chaucer’s Iconic stories for a modern audience.

He followed that up with the “Rap Guide to Evolution,” a hip hop homage to Charles Darwin. Funny and educational at the same time, he aims to raise awareness and inspire young people to stand up to climate change.

Judging from the responses, the audience, mainly school children, love the show and are enthusiastic about the message of climate change.

“I do feel they (young people) understands what’s at stake better than anyone else, but they are also very frustrated,” Mr Brickman said.

“Some of the kids told me few minutes ago (after the concert) asking ‘What can we do?’. … I think a lot of attitude carry this feeling of ‘We can’t vote yet, we don’t have jobs yet, we care, but we need a channel.”

“And I think this whole Greta Thunberg future movement is finding a way, a channel, energy and concern in a productive way. I totally applaud it.”

“It’s tricky because the people with the levers of power are the ones who can do the most about climate change, but they (the politicians) are going to be told that they are not going to get away with ‘business as usual anymore’, and that’s where young people can really have that voice.”

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