Relocating workers invited by McGowan turned back at the border, says O’Donnell

Kalgoorlie MP Kyran O’Donnell has taken the premier to task over promises to make it viable for eastern states FIFO workers to relocate to WA’s regions, saying that mining industry works have been rejected for entry to WA.

“[The Premier] even said his government will examine opportunities to incentivise those who had relocated to continue to remain in Western Australia,” Mr O’Donnell said.

“However, the evidence shows otherwise. I have had first-hand knowledge of specialised workers for the mining industry who have packed up their belongings, ready to move to WA for work and have had their applications rejected.”

O’Donnell says he had been contacted by FIFO workers who had been looking to relocate to WA and had their applications knocked back multiple times.

“These cases were recent, shortly after the Premier had made the interstate FIFO remarks.”

“These FIFO workers had taken heed of the Premier’s advice, had been offered jobs here in regional Western Australia, were ready to self-isolate as per requirements upon arrival but were still knocked back.”

Premier Mark McGowan said he was unfamiliar with the situation and suggested that O’Donnell bring the issue to his office.

“Obviously, we want FIFO workers to move from the eastern states to Western Australia with their families and base themselves here permanently, and that’s the process we’re currently working through with the mining industry so we’re very keen on that.

“That’ll be great for jobs, great for regional communities, great for incomes coming to WA and actually good for the workers and the families themselves.”

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