Scorched Perth: sizzling hot days come early

By Sarah Smit

Summer has started with a bang according to the Bureau of Meterology, with Perth scorching in the hottest first week of December on record. 

Neil Bennett of the Bureau of Meterology told WAMN that the heat is starting much earlier than usual. 

“Normally the very hot temperature is out the back end of the month, but what we’ve seen now is the earliest day of 40 degrees in December.”

“If we get another one after Friday we would then have had three days in December [above 40 degrees], which we’ve not had before either.”

“We’re also looking at potentially the hottest first week of December, so it has been an exceptionally warm part of the month.”

It’s the Hot north easterly winds coming down from the Pilbara that are bringing the very hot temperatures to the metro areas. 

A weekend cold front is expected to bring a reprieve on Saturday, but by the middle of next week temperatures are expected to be back into the mid to high thirties. 

Perth is unlikely to break the 50 degree mark this summer but Bennet says the far north of the state will probably see more days getting closer to the half century. 

The bureau is urging people to be careful in the intense heat and remember to drink water while exercising. 

“It’s not a good idea to be exercising in the mid-thirties, high thirties or into the 40s, so don’t go for that jog at two o’clock in the afternoon.”


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