Second Yanchep bushfire emerges after mid-week blaze downgraded

Firefighters are battling a second bushfire to flare up north of Perth, after a fire that began in the suburb a day earlier was downgraded.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) issued a second emergency warning at around 12:40pm with a fire threatening lives and homes in Yanchep and Two Rocks.

DFES said the warning affected the northern part of Yanchep in the City of Wanneroo in an area bounded by Yanchep Beach Road to the south, Splendid Park to the east, Karril Turn to the north and Two Rocks Road to the west.

Residents were advised to leave their homes immediately, but if they could not evacuate to take shelter inside.

At around 4:15pm, the alert was expanded to north of Yanchep townsite, Breakwater Estate and Sea Trees Estate because of “significant fire activity.”

An additional evacuation centre had been opened at Granville Civic Centre.

DFES placed Two Rocks under an emergency warning at 4:55pm.

The fire came as firefighters spent the night battling an earlier out-of-control bushfire that threatened lives and homes in Yanchep and near the Great Northern Highway in Bullsbrook.

DFES downgraded the Yanchep fire to a watch and act before the second fire flared up early in the afternoon.

The Department of Education is encouraging parents to keep children at home on Friday because of fire activity and possible road closures in the Yanchep area.

Temperatures in the city are forecast to top 40 degrees Celsius for the next few days, with fire danger expected to continue to be high.

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