Singapore ruling party hopeful for election win

By Helene Fung

Singapore held elections on Friday after it’s emerged from a lengthy lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to tallies on Saturday, the ruling party, People’s Action Party (PAP), set to retain power; however, it also appeared the opposition is set to gainsome new ground.

While there had been COVID-19 outbreaks, predominantly in cramped dormitories housing low-wage foreign workers, new case counts have slowed, so the Singapore government decided to ease partial lock down and continue with the elections.

Voters have been seen wearing masks and gloves, observing social distancing, with some even bringing their own pens to vote.

The opposition accused the PAP government of being irresponsible, but the government insisted that they had taken enough precautions.

A random sample of ballots from each constituency showed the PAP, winning 83 seats and the opposition Workers’ Party with 10 seats, meaning the opposition would have made history in significant gains against the PAP, whichhas ruled Singapore uninterrupted for six decades. Final tallies are due later on Saturday.


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