Sorrento electrician fined $15,000 for poor home wiring

A Duncraig home left live with dangerous levels of electricity has left a Sorrento electrician with a $15,000 fine for defective work.

Rex Percy Hickman was convicted of breaching WA’s electricity licencing regulations at Joondalup Magistrates Court, which resulted in the fine and $766 in costs.

The court was told that an investigation by Building and Energy revealed Mr Hickman transposed the load active and neutral conductors while installing a new tariff meter in the switchboard panel in February 2018.

It caused electricity to travel through the home’s earthing system, putting the home’s occupants at risk of electric shock if they touched live metal components during the 17 days before the issue was uncovered.

The court also found solar equipment at the house was also damaged.

Energy Safety Director Saj Abdoolakhan said it was a serious risk for the occupants.

“The defective work that Mr Hickman did could have resulted in serious injury, or worse, for himself or anyone at the property,” he said.

“Mr Hickman’s failure to test the installation, despite falsely signing off on documents stating he had done so, is particularly concerning. A simple check would have immediately identified the fault. The lack of safety and diligence in this case was unacceptable.”

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