Students advised to party safe as WA Police prepares for Leavers Week

Students have been advised to celebrate the end of secondary school safely as WA Police launches its strategy for Leavers Week.

Secondary school leavers will be supported as part of the State Government Leaver Strategy to have a safe and enjoyable time, with around 8,500 young people expected to visit the South West during the official Leavers period.

As part of activities and entertainment, designated Leavers Entertainment Zones as well as transport, activities and support services will be set up in Dunsborough and Busselton for safe environments for young people.

WA Police will be assisted by other departments and groups including the Department of Health, St John Ambulance, Red Frogs, Baptist Church Green Team and volunteers.

The Leavers WA 2019 app has been made available to provide information to school leavers.

Additional officers will also be sent to the South West during the period.

“Leavers Week has become a rite of passage after 13 long years of schooling and we want people to enjoy themselves,” Police Minister Michelle Roberts said.

“We’ve got lots of volunteers, who along with Police, are working very hard to ensure the safety of our young people.”

She advised school leavers to look after themselves.

“We want this to be a great week, a week that is celebrated and remembered for the right reasons,” she said.

“ It’s worth remembering that mistakes you make can follow you for a very long time, so by all means party hard, but party clean.”

WA’s Leavers period runs from November 18 to November 21.

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