Teenage charged over Mosman Park bushfire

WA Police have charged a 16-year-old boy over a small bushfire in Mosman Park yesterday.

Strike Force Vulcan detectives will allege the youth along with two others were on mopeds fired off an emergency flare from the Camp Waller Scout Hall located on Jerrat Drive in East Fremantle.

The flare ignited dense bushland and Water Police officers in training spotted the fire and contacted the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

The fire burnt an area in excess of 600 square metres.

Homes in the nearby area to the fire were threatened due to the extreme weather conditions.

The boy has been charged with failing to ensure a fire or ignition source would not cause a fire that could be controlled.

He is due to appear before the Fremantle Children’s Court on 12 December.

If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in jail.

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