Thousands Hit The Streets In Perth’s Black Lives Matter Rally

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Thousands of people gathered at Langley Park, standing in solidarity, in support of Black Lives Matter.

437 Aboriginal people have died in custody since 1991. Aboriginal Activists say enough is enough.

Group chanting throughout the rally called for justice and recognition.

“Always was and always will be Aboroginal land,” they chanted.

Megan Krakurer, BLM rally Perth host, said this is about solidarity and it needs to stop.

The peaceful protest demands the Government to end racial violence, reduce the incarceration rate of Aboriginal people, stop the removal of aboroginal children, address systematic racism, and sovereignty.

The peaceful protest demand the government to end racial violence and to hold independent investigations of all deaths in custody as required by international human rights law.

They also demand a reduction in the incarceration rate of aboriginal people, calling out racial profiling and discrimination in the criminal justice process, to stop the widespread removal of aboriginal children from their families, address systematic racism through human rights programs and responses and the appointment of a statutory Aboriginal Advocate, Aboriginal Children’s Commissioner and Aboriginal Inspector of Custodial Services, and calls for the Government to commit to a treaty to respect the inherent rights of Indigenous peoples.

The Black Lives Matter movement has gained momentum around the world, and is continuing to raise awareness over the treatment of Aboriginal people here in WA.


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