Thousands Joining Perth Students’ Strike For Climate Action

By Shibs Wei

Thousands of concerned students walked out of their schools and universities to demand the federal government address the issue of climate change. 

Early estimates of the crowd show numbers to be several thousand people.

They accuse the federal government of not doing enough for a sustainable environmental future and want the government to end all new coal, oil and gas projects, 100 per cent renewable energy generation and exports by 2030 and funding to help fossil fuel worker and communities transit into different jobs. 

Many students we spoke to say they have the support of their teachers and schools to attend this morning’s protest. 

Siobhan Sutton, a student, say that it’s amazing and inspiring to see so many young Australian turn out to support climate change and that Australia has a role to play no matter how small it’s part is.

At the same time, Green MLC Tim Clifford urges the government to make real meaningful action against climate change and listen to the community in their efforts to fight climate change.

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