Trump Says Washington Won’t Advice Beijing On Hong Kong Matters

US President Donald Trump commented on a number of regional issues.

He said that he wouldn’t give any “advice” to Beijing on the situation in Hong Kong, saying “that’s between Hong Kong and China”.

President Trump continued his stance of not intervening a wave of anti-government demonstration in Hong Kong, hopes also that the demonstration will be non violent.

On the issue of the Korea Peninsula, Mr Trump indicated that he doesn’t have a problem with North Korea’s recent short range ballistic missile tests, saying “We’ll see what happens but short range are very standard”.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized China’s actions and motivations in Southeast Asia, in a speech delivered at the ASEAN foreign ministers meeting in Bangkok.

While Mr Pompeo told them that they were not expected to “choose sides” between the superpowers, he urged them to trust in US values.

He also hit out against China’s “Belt & Road” initiative, shortly after President Trump promised to another 10 percent tariffs on Chinese goods which worth $300 billion.



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