Trump to Meet Putin Amid Ongoing US-Russia Nuclear Arms Conflict

US President Donald Trump will meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Paris next month, as disputes continue over a nuclear arms treaty.

Mr Trump and Mr Putin will meet at World War One centenary commemorations amid growing tensions around the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), with both nations threatening to increase nuclear weapons if the US withdraws from the agreement.

US National Security Advisor John Bolton revealed the meeting while meeting Mr Putin in Moscow to deliver US plans to withdraw from the 1987 treaty.

A preliminary agreement was reached to hold the meeting in the French capital was made for November 11.

Speaking with reporters, Mr Bolton said Mr Trump would like to meet the Russian president and arrangements were being made.

Mr Trump and Mr Putin had met several times alongside multilateral gatherings but met for the first time in a bilateral summit in Helsinki.

The meeting was notable for Mr Trump casting doubt on his administration’s claims that Russia interfered in the 2016 US election.

Opponents also accused the president for appearing too friendly with the Russsian leader.

Mr Trump invited Mr Putin to the US, with the Russian President reciprocating the offer.

Discussions are occurring to organise the meeting.

Mr Trump said on Tuesday that the meeting will likely go ahead.

“I think we probably will,” he said.

“It hasn’t been set up yet, but it probably will be.”

Meanwhile, Mr Bolton said both the US and Russia were far apart on INF discussions, despite claiming he had “very comprehensive and productive discussions” including 90 minutes with President Putin.

The US had claimed Russia had breached the treaty, but Russia denied the claims.

It warned the US’ plan to withdraw from the treaty was a “dangerous step”.

Mr Bolton said negotiations could not take place if Russia denied breaching the terms of the treaty.

European countries also warned that the US’ desire to leave the INF treaty could reignite a Cold War-style arms race.

“There’s a new strategic reality out there,” Mr Bolton said.

He said that a withdrawal would be coming.

“In terms of filing the formal notice of withdrawal, that has not been filed but it will be filed in due course.”

However, Mr Putin indicated at the start of the meeting that the White House had taken unprovoked steps against Russia.

Mr Bolton said after the meeting that Russian missiles were a threat and Washington would not be heeding Russia’s objections to the withdrawal.

“The threat is not America’s INF from the treaty,” he said.

“The threat is Russian missiles already deployed.”

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