Trump to tackle mass shootings by building more mental institutions

By Helene Fung

US President Donald Trump told reporters on Thursday (local time) that culprits behind mass shootings earlier this month in Ohio and Texas were mentally ill, and that his party does not “want to have insane people dangerous people, really bad people having guns.”

Mr Trump said that America needs more mental institutions to be built because “we can’t let these people be on the streets”. When a reporter asked whether he discussed calls for tougher background checks for guns with his fellow party members, he responded by saying that they are “looking at the whole gun situation.”

Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit corporation that provides information updates about US gun-related violence, tweeted that there’s been 257 American mass shootings in 38 different states this year to date, and put the total tally of gun-related deaths in the US thus far at 9,214.

In recent years, western countries have moved from the mental institutions model towards community-based care to prevent abuse and for improved patient comfort. However, critics argue that the capacity of community-based care to look after those with very severe forms of mental illnesses is limited.

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