Two killed in Russian military rocket engine explosion

By Helene Fung, File Photo

A rocket engine exploded during a test at a naval facility that tests intercontinental ballistic missiles for nuclear submarines in Nyonoksa in north-western Russia.

Russia’s Defence Ministry said six servicemen and civilian engineers have been injured in the incident, and two of them later died of the injuries.

The Ministry denied there any radioactivity or toxic substances were released as a result of the explosion; however the local government of Severodvinsk, a city 30km east of Nyonoksa, reported that the recorded radiation level rose to 2 micro Sieverts per hour for about 30 minutes, but thenreturned to the natural level of 0.1 micro Sieverts per hour.

This level is still lower than the cosmic radiation that plane passengers are exposed to.

A port official announced that an area of the Dvina Bay in the White Sea had been closed to shipping for a month because of the incident, without giving full details and reasons.

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