Uni Students Stand Up Fight Back against Climate Inaction

As the fight for climate justice continues, university students flooded the CBD with feisty signs and catchy chants protesting the government’s climate inaction.

According to the 2019 National Union of Student’s Student Values Survey, climate change is the number one political issue on students’ minds.

Hundreds of university students gathered to make a statement of not backing down against this fight.

“It’s absolutely critical that we take action right now, we don’t have any time to lose… Climate inaction can be overwhelming but taking action is immensely relieving if you’re feeling anxious and taking action is the best thing you can do,” said one student.

“Of course we don’t think this one rally is going to end climate change, but the only thing that is going to end climate change is a mass action and civil disobedience,” said another student.

Putting pressure on the government to act now on climate inaction will continue with more protests planned for September.

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