Unions Celebrated As “Ensuring Integrity” Bill Defeated In The Senate

By Sarah Smit

While unions celebrate Pauline Hanson’s surprise vote against the union-busting “Ensuring Integrity” bill, One Nation say that Ms Hanson would vote for the bill if changes were made.

“If they’re prepared to make changes to the bill that she says I agree with, then of course she’ll change,” said WA One Nation MLC, Colin Ticknell

The legislation that failed 34-34 on the floor of the Senate would have allowed the federal court to disqualify people from serving as an official capacity in unions, appoint an administrator to the organisation, or even de-register unions for a range of offences

Colin Ticknell said that Ms.Hanson totally against thuggery both from the CFMEU and from government bureaucrats.

“We don’t want unions closed down because they got some paperwork wrong it doesn’t make sense.”

“They were being targeted.”

UnionsWA Assistant Secretary Owen Whittle described the bill as an over-reach that damaged civil rights and attacked regular union members

“This wasunion busting legislation–the type of legislation you’d never see aimed at any other organisation, and it was squarely there to hurt working people.”

“It was a huge overreach. We don’t see legislation like this targeted at banks.”

Mr. Ticknell agreed that there was an imbalance

“There’s double standards on both sides.  on the liberal, they’ll favour the banks, on the labor side they’ll favour the unions.”

“Imagine if the banks were de-registered now for making 23 million breaches?”

Whittle believes that young people cannot rely on the government to protect their rights.

“The government is doing very very little on wage theft and the wage growth crisis; workers are being exploited.”



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