Voluntary Assisted Dying Debate keeps lower house up all night

As the voluntary assisted dying debate continues in Parliament, members pulled an all nighted before wrapping up after 5am this morning.

Only 50 clauses out of 184 were discussed in the 20 hour sitting that commenced at 9am yesterday morning.

Premier Mark McGowan, hopes to get a vote on this legislation in both houses of parliament by the end of this year.

“Controversial legislation often requires some time, but the main thing is we are trying to do the right thing by people who are dying who are in agony… It’s happening now that people are in that situation and we’re trying to give them choice,” he said.

Mr McGowan urges the opponents to treat this bill with respect and to stop filibustering.

He continued to say their contrariness is way of causing grief.

“I just think people need to treat it with respect; the Government is trying to do the right thing by people who are terminally ill, and it has overwhelming community support,”

“It’s very important members of parliament allow for a vote and don’t unnecessarily delay with tedious repetition and making silly debates,” he said.

Questions were raised over Opposition Leader, Liza Harvey’s inattendance.

Mr McGowan commented she’s indicated she doesn’t know which way to vote, but instead of being present for the debate, Ms Harvey went to the football finals clash between West Coast Eagles and Essendon Bombers.

“People can make their own decisions on what they do, but when you say publicly (as Ms Harvey did) that she wanted to go through line by line, and listen to the whole debate, I find it unsual and puzzling that you’d slip off to the football…” Mr McGowan stated.

When asked if any opponents raised any valid points within the 50 discussed clauses, he said yes they have and they will receive proper consideration.

But then there is also relentless questioning over the same thing which brings the argument against into some disrepute.

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