WA encouraged to become waterwise in face of climate change

An action plan is encouraging WA to become a waterwise city as part of its co-ordinated response to climate change.

The State Government has launched its Waterwise Perth Action Plan to develop it into leading waterwise city by 2030, with climate change making Perth drier and hotter, affecting Perth’s water resources.

Under the plan, targets are set to respond to the major impacts of climate change on water resources to support Perth’s expected population of 3.5 million by 2050.

It will encourage people to save water, improve water management in the urban environment to maintain healthy waterways and wetlands, green spaces and water security beyond 2050.

The McGowan Government said the plan will provide assistance for households to be more waterwise and reduce annual per person use to 110kL, improved water management of sports ovals and green spaces.

All government-led urban development projects in Perth and Peel will also be 100 per cent waterwise, Metronet precincts will be designed to consider all elements of the water cycle, increased use of recycled water and increasing urban tree canopy to reduce the urban heat island effect.

Water Minister Dave Kelly said climate change had “dramatically affected Perth’s urban water cycle.”

“We used to get 420 billion litres of water running into these dams each year but, with a significant decline in rainfall since the mid-1970s from climate, we can now expect just 25 billion litres,” he said.

“Declining rainfall has also reduced groundwater levels by 1.8 metres since 1998.”

He said it had led to the government’s plan/

“The McGowan Government’s plan brings the whole community on board to become a leading waterwise city by 2030, with State Government, local government, industry, community and households all playing a role.”

“It adopts a ‘water sensitive cities’ approach to urban development that reduces consumption and captures, transports, cleans and stores water in the landscape for multiple social, economic and environmental health benefits.”

He urged Perth to “get waterwise” to ensure a Perth stayed a green city.

“To ensure Perth can remain a beautiful, green and liveable city we must act now to be more waterwise,” Mr Kelly said.

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