WA Labor responsible for decline in social housing: Tincknell

WA’s One Nation Party has claimed the McGowan Government is not looking after the state’s vulnerable people, with a drop in social housing since WA Labor formed government.

The party said there was a serious decline in the number and standard of social housing stock in WA, despite the government providing figures that indicated Western Australians were supported with social housing.

Housing Minister Peter Tinley revealed in response to questions in Parliament that 44,087 social housing dwellings existed in WA at June 30 2017, but that number had now dropped to 42,953.

He also tabled figures that showed 64,168 Western Australians were being supported in social housing during the same time, but the number had also fallen to 62,523.

One Nation WA Leader Colin Tincknell said the drop of 1,100 State Government owned, supported or operated houses in WA was unfathomable.

“I can’t imagine how Premier Mark McGowan and Housing Minister Peter Tinley could in all conscience come out with all the media fanfare their spin team could muster to announce they will build 250 new dwellings, knowing that they have somehow ‘lost’ more than 1,000 dwellings over the past three years,” Mr Tincknell said.

“Fewer dwellings also means there are also 1,600 fewer people being accommodated in Government housing today than there were when Mark McGowan became Premier.”

He said the government’s Social Housing Economic Recovery package was a “smoke screen” to hide the decline.

“The 250 planned houses announced by the Minister on June 8 don’t even make up for a quarter of the decrease this Government has created,” Mr Tincknell said.

“Even if you add to that the 300 additional houses Mr Tinley announced in December last year it doesn’t add up to even half the number of houses this Government has lost.”

Mr Tincknell said Mr Tinley was responsible for the decline.

“I call on Minister Tinley to account for every one of those 1,134 houses that have disappeared from our State’s stock of social housing,” he said

“Tell us where they have gone Minister and, if you sold them, tell us where the money went.”

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