WA parents encouraged to pull kids out of school

Public school students will be encouraged to stay home and learn online in an effort to control the spread of the coronavirus, the McGowan Government has announced.

The government has revealed new measures for schools, in what it said was “basis of the best national health advice.”

Premier Mark McGowan said from now until next Friday, children who attended school would continue to be taught.

However, he said families would be allowed to keep their children at home if they can access online resources to allow their education to continue.

“We are encouraging everyone who can keep their children at home next week to do that,” Education Minister Sue Ellery said.

Students will be encouraged to access the learning from home website.

The government said that from the following week, schools would only open to supervise children.

“Four days beginning April 6, schools will provide supervision only not teaching for those students who cannot be at home because in vulnerable circumstances,” Mrs Ellery said.

Childcare centres and out of school care will continue as normal.

Mrs Ellery urged parents to ensure that children who are at home to not go out to avoid the spread of infection.

“If you don’t think this will happen to you, or that it won’t have an effect on you, I’d ask young people to think about the people they love,” she said.

“Think about your grandparents, think about your aunts and uncles. Think about your nextdoor neighbours and stay at home.”

Meanwhile, Premier Mark McGowan indicated progress was being made to progress three cruiseships of WA shores.

Mr McGowan said the ship the Artania had been assessed by WA health officials, with seven European passengers testing positive for COVID-19.

He said the 800 mostly German passengers were a Commonwealth responsibility with the sick passengers to go a Commonwealth facility if they came on shore for medical treatment.

He also said the ship needed to continue its journey to South Africa urgently.

Meanwhile, arrangements had been made for passengers of the Vasco de Gama cruiseship to self-isolate on Rottnest Island, with international passengers to remain onboard until travel arrangements were made for them to return home.

The Magnifica remains off-shore without any ill passengers.

Mr McGowan said passengers would not be entering WA for any reason.

“No one will be disembarking at Fremantle unless a passenger is in a life-threatening emergency,” he said.

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