WA Police up the game on digital policing with iPhone 11 hitting the frontline

WA has stepped up the digital transformation of the state’s policing with an investment in new iPhone technology, the State Government has announced.

Apple’s iPhone 11 will hit the frontline in an $8 million contract awarded to Telstra, with nearly 4,000 new mobile devices set to provide officers with faster access to policing information.

The phones will be equipped with crucial WA Police Force functions, meaning the resources of a computer will be available to every officer.

Policing apps on the phone will allow officers to perform identity checks, search the police database, capture evidence and report crimes.

It will also include a duress function, communicating an alert to the State Operations Command Centre, providing the officer’s location for safety.

Further apps are in development to enable officers to take statements in the field and eventually write and post traffic infringements.

The devices will reduce the need for officers to return to the station to complete administrative tasks, allowing them to spend more time in active policing.

60 iPhone 11s have already been issued this week with a further 3,000 to be delivered by Christmas.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts said it was part initiatives in a $90million investment in police technology.

“The McGowan Government is delivering a raft of digital initiatives to modernise our frontline capabilities and provide a contemporary Police Force,” Mrs Roberts said.

“These devices will ensure our officers have fast access to information and intelligence in the field, and support them to do their jobs more effectively.”

She said that the new technology was an upgrade.

“Under the last Government, Western Australia fell behind in the level of technology available to our police,” she said.

“Our Government is fixing this and ensuring that a modern Police Force is ready and equipped with the tools they need to keep us safe.”

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