WA’s Draft Consultation For Gender Equality

After an initial six-month consultation process, which closed on July 31, the McGowan Government has released a draft of its plan to address gender inequality in Western Australia and is now seeking for public comment on whether the draft plan reflects the voices that have contributed to date.

This is also another opportunity for Western Australian women, and men, to share their aspirations, the challenges they face and changes they want to see to remove barriers to their full social and economic participation in the State.

The Women’s Plan aims to outline long term strategies for change, taking into account the data in the 2019 Women’s Report Card released earlier this year.

In the six months, the department of communities received:

  • 1,963 survey responses;
  • more than 330 ‘postcard’ submissions; and
  • in-person feedback at 35 community consultation sessions, which reached hundreds of women from diverse backgrounds and all age groups across the State.

While over the years, significant advances have been made to remove these barriers, there is still a long way to go to bring about lasting solutions and achieve gender equality.

Women’s Interest Minister Simone McGurk said “We have listened to women’s voices across Western Australia, and heard loud and clear what the issues are – balancing work and family responsibilities, prevention of family and domestic violence, attitudes to women in the community, and representation of women in leadership.

“I urge women and girls to take this opportunity to have their say on the State’s first long-term plan to address gender inequality.”

The Department of Communities is now seeking your input into the draft Women’s Plan.

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