Western Australians urged adopt a pet to give them a new home

Rescued dogs could be getting a second chance with Western Australians urged to adopt a new household pet instead of buying.

Western Australians are being advised to “Adopt Don’t Shop” in an effort to “protect the welfare, safety and health of dogs in Western Australia.”

The McGowan Government said an estimated 3,200 dogs are rehomed by rescue and shelter organisations a year in WA, while local government pounds rehoome 1,200 dogs each year..

However, not all dogs are rehomed.

The government has committed to stop puppy farming with new policy to reduce the number of dogs needing rehoming and suffering neglect.

It said that it had funded animal rescue and shelter organisations including the the Dogs’ Refuge Home, Animal Protection Society, Swan Animal Haven, K9 Rescue Group and SAFE Animal Shelters.

Local Government Minister David Templeman said it was an opportunity to prevent puppy farming while giving dogs a new home.

“I encourage Western Australians to give rescued dogs a second chance and consider adoption from local shelters or pet rescue organisations as an alternative to purchasing a dog as a gift this Christmas.

Taking on the ownership of any pet must be a well thought out decision – it is a commitment for life!”

Maylands MLA Lisa Baker said that Western Australians had supported proposed reforms to crack down on puppy farming.

She said there had been 4,754 submissions from dog owners, dog breeders and pet rescue organisations following her Stop Puppy Farming consultation.

“Western Australian families love their dogs and the State Government is committed to promoting responsible dog ownership and the future health, welfare and protection of dogs,” Ms Baker said.

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