Whistle-blower alleges Donald Trump made a troubling promise to foreign leader

By Helene Fung

The Washington Post reports that a US intelligence official filed a formal whistle-blower report with the inspector general of the intelligence community on the 12th of August, alleging that US President Donald Trump made a troubling “promise” to an unidentified foreign leader.

Adam Schiff, chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee from the Democratic Party, accused the Justice Department of blocking intelligence officials from providing Congress with details of the complaint, using a legal definition technicality.

The identity of two former intelligence officials who spoke to the reporterswas kept anonymous, and there is little detail on who the foreign leader was, or what Mr Trump supposedly promised the leader. What is known is that the incident was in relation to a phone call.

Mr Trump labelled the report as “fake news”.

“Virtually anytime I speak on the phone to a foreign leader, I understand that there may be many people listening from various US agencies, not to mention those from the other country itself,” said Mr Trump.

“Is anybody dumb enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially ‘heavily populated’ call?”

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