Bolivia sue Chile at Haya’s International Court

In Paris, the Bolivian delegation headed by Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca, met with his legal team to deliver the text to the court, following the timetable set by Bolivian president, Evo Morales.

This process has been followed closely by the Chilean Foreign Ministry, once known as the Bolivian text.

Until only a week ago it was intended that the Chilean Foreign Minister, Alfredo Moreno, was in charge of giving the national response.

Among the historical episodes discussed, many argue Bolivia contained source talks under President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla from 1948, with the OAS resolutions that were signed by Chile.

The talks were unfolded by Augusto Pinochet and Hugo Banzer, who were formalized in the “Embrace Charaña” in 1975 and “13-point Agenda” which was initiated during Michelle Bachelet’s rule and continued in the early months of the administration of  Piñera.

Although Bolivia studied at first the question of validity of the Boundary Treaty of 1904, the road was finally rejected by the government of La Paz to the low probability of success.

The Bolivian text, which is not more than 10 pages, is a request that starts the procedure to sue Chile.

According to the rules of the court in The Haya, this text must state the subject of the dispute, and after presenting the document, the court clerk should “immediately” send to the Chilean government a certified copy of the Bolivian request.


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