Democrats votes sufficient to pass Trump impeachment resolution in US House of Representatives 

By Helene Fung

A resolution to formally proceed with the Democrats-led impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump has won a vote in the House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats, 232 votes to 196 votes, despite all Republicans opposing the resolution. 

This vote signifies a transition from closed-door interviews with witnesses to public hearings, and possibly to further voting on whether to recommend Mr Trump’s removal from office.

If that recommendation is made, the next step in the process would be a trial in the Senate controlled by the Republicans.

A two-thirds majority of votes will be required to remove Mr Trump from office, which looks unlikely, given the support shown by congressional Republicans.  

Republicans accused Democrats of using the impeachment to attempt to overturn 2016 election results, and Mr Trump called the impeachment attempt “the Greatest Witch Hunt in American History” on Twitter.

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