The Bolivian soldiers detained for 32 days in Chile were promoted to the rank of corporal

The soldiers detained for 32 days in Chile were promoted to the rank of corporal to highlight their dignity, courage and loyalty to the homeland by The Bolivian government. The soldiers returned to their home country on Friday after agreeing not to enter in Chilean territory in a year.


Bolivian soldiers

The three Bolivian soldiers were greeted as heroes upon arrival in your country.

The Chilean Justice released the three Bolivian soldiers detained at the Chilean border, which had generated a strong demand for Bolivia in the United Nations Organization (UNO) and intensified the tension between the two countries over maritime dispute.

His lawyer said the case should have been solved with the expulsion of the three soldiers, but that possibility was frustrated by a judicial case.

According La Razón de Bolivia Daily said that the decoration was in  Military Merit recognition Of  “Colonel Eduardo Abaroa in the rank of   Grand Knight and Military Merit of freedom” and “General Jose Miguel Lanza also in the rank of  Grand Knight”.

And in the Ministry of  Defence of Bolivia also received the award “Marshal Andrés de Santa Cruz in the rank of Knight of the Order”.

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