Tory win means Australia may re-negotiate UK relations

Boris Johnson has returned to Number Ten Downing Street after a historic landslide victory over Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn last week.

Johnson’s Conservative party took government with 365 seats, beating Labour by 165 seats and taking many traditionally Labour voting areas.

Boris Johnson ran the campaign on a platform of “getting Brexit done,” committed to leaving the EU by January 2020 if elected and a landslide victory means the Tories have the numbers to make it happen.

Professor of Political Science Dr. Ian Cook said that the election may mean that Australia will have to re-negotiate its relationship with Britain.

“They’re going to have to create new relationships, new trading possibilities, questions about migration start to arise, so there’s lots of ways WA should be interested in the result.”

Western Australian Labor Premier Mark McGowan told reporters this week that British labour made fundamental mistakes that lost them the election

“The direction the British labour went on or has gone in over the course of the last five or so years has been fundamentally wrong and now they’re paying the price.”

“And I think that’s a lesson in don’t be too extreme and be in touch with the general public. And I hope British labour learns that lesson.”

Dr. Cook agreed, saying that the lack of a clear, practical position on Brexit led to the partys’ undoing.

“They go themselves in a ridiculous situation where they’re arguing that they’re going to have a referendum but they don’t actually have a clear position in that referendum. So it came across a bit strange,” said Dr. Cook.



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