Hundreds Of Hong Kong Students Protested In Perth As Extradition Bill Face Delays

A record turnout at a protest in Perth on Sunday, as Hong Kong students took part at an Australia wide demonstration against the city state’s extradition  bill.

Demonstrators are demanding the immediate withdrawn of Hong Kong’s controversial Extradition Bill, as citizens fear that people will be sent to China without a fair trial.

They are also calling for the resignation of Hong Kong Chief Executive, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet Ngo, following violent clashes between police and protesters in the city’s CBD.

More than 500 people attended the rally, as participants marched from East Perth to Elizabeth Quay at 2pm.

Despite the snap rally was held at a short notice, the organizers managed to gather 1138 signatures.

Perth’s overseas student Sherene Nee who lead the protest says she was ‘surprised’ by the strong response in a short period of time.

“A lot of parents says they came out because they want to do something for the next generation,” Ms Nee said.

Ms Nee says the organizers are planning to submit their petition to the State Government, with the possibility of another rally.

“Hong Kong people here mentioned to us that they want to protest again to raise more international awareness. They (citizens) want to come out and appeal to the Australian Federal Government to speak out.”

The bill was suspended over the weekend after CE Carrie Lam reportedly held an urgent meeting with the city state’s cabinet ministers.

A press conference was held on Saturday afternoon, with Mrs Lam stating her reasons behind the sudden back down.

She admitted that despite the “best efforts” from herself and relevant colleagues, Mrs Lam acknowledged “that the examination and communication work has not been sufficient or effective.”

“As a responsible government, we have to maintain law and order on one hand, and evaluate the situation for the greatest interest of Hong Kong, including restoring claimness in the society as soon as possible, and avoiding any more injuries law enforcement officers and citizens,” she said.

“I’m grateful for the view from many pro-establishment legislators, and leaders form various community sectors convened to me over the last few days, either openly or in private, that we should pause and thinking in resuming the second reading debate of the bill at the Legislative Council as scheduled.”



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